SERC Pedagogic Service

SERC Catalog Record

The Pedagogic Service provides tools to connect developed, research proven teaching methods with examples of how the methods are being used in classes and the learning content in digital libraries and repositories. Precise explanations of the pedagogic methods developed and hosted by SERC, the "Why", and user-submitted and editor reviewed descriptions of usage, the "How", can be used to develop context for the learning objects, the "What".

ComPADRE is working with SERC to provide examples for some of the pedagogic methods most commonly used in physics and astronomy classes. The examples will be linked to the content objects in the ComPADRE catalog to help users of those resources. In addition, the pedagogy descriptions will be linked in ComPADRE to help users understand these effective approaches to learning. Having discipline-specific examples will make these descriptions more useful for the ComPADRE audience.