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Two-Color Multiple Slit Diffraction  [ Computer Program ]
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M. Gallis
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The Two-Color Multiple Slit Diffraction Model allows users to explore multiple slit diffraction by manipulating characteristics of the aperture and incident light to observe the…
Multiple Slit Diffraction Model  [ Computer Program ]
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F. Hwang; Editors: R. Mohr and W. Christian
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The EJS Multiple Slit Diffraction model allows the user to simulate Fraunhofer diffraction through single or multiple slits. The user can modify the number of slits, the slit width,…
Optical Resolution Model  [ Computer Program ]
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F. Hwang; Editor: R. Mohr
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The EJS Optical Resolution model computes the image from two point sources as seen through a circular aperture such as a telescope or a microscope.  The simulation allows the user to…