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Colliding Galaxies  [ Computer Program ]
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W. Christian and K. Lim
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The Colliding Galaxies Model is an implementation of Alar and Juri Toomres’ 1972 super computer model showing the formation of galactic bridges and tails under the assumption that…
Classical Helium Program  [ Computer Program ]
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W. Christian, H. Gould, and J. Tobochnik
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The classical-physics model of helium is a simple example of a three body problem and is similar to gravitational problem of a heavy sun and two light planets. It consists of two…
Orbits Within Spherical Galaxies Model  [ Computer Program ]
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W. Christian
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The Orbits Within Spherical Galaxies model displays the two-dimensional trajectories of particles (stars) within a galaxy having a spherically symmetric mass distribution that…