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Sliding Down an Incline Plane Model
written by Francisco Esquembre
The Sliding Down an Incline Plane model shows a stone block is lying on an inclined plane. Initially, the component of gravity along the plane surface, Ft, is compensated by the force of static friction Fsf, which is proportional to the normal to the plane, N. Because the modulus of this force cannot exceed a limit value of ?|N| (? is the static friction coefficient between the block and the plane). When the user increases the slope of the plane by dragging the double arrow at the plane top, Ft ends up being larger than this limit and the block slides down the plane

The Sliding Down an Incline Plane model was created using the Easy Java Simulations (Ejs) modeling tool.  It is distributed as a ready-to-run (compiled) Java archive.  Double clicking the ejs_murcia_mech_SlidingDownAnInclinePlane.jar file will run the program if Java is installed.

Please note that this resource requires at least version 1.5 of Java (JRE).
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Classical Mechanics
- Applications of Newton's Laws
= Friction
- Motion in One Dimension
= Gravitational Acceleration
- Newton's Second Law
= Force, Acceleration
- Statics of Rigid Bodies
= Resolution of Forces
- Work and Energy
= Simple Machines
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EJS, Easy Java Simulation, friction, gravitational acceleration, gravity, inclined plane, kinetic friction, simple machine, static friction
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Author: Kingsley Obodo
Posted: July 4, 2011 at 3:11AM
Source: The Open Source Physics collection

Important for visualisation

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AAAS Benchmark Alignments (2008 Version)

4. The Physical Setting

4F. Motion
  • 9-12: 4F/H1. The change in motion (direction or speed) of an object is proportional to the applied force and inversely proportional to the mass.
4G. Forces of Nature
  • 6-8: 4G/M1. Every object exerts gravitational force on every other object. The force depends on how much mass the objects have and on how far apart they are. The force is hard to detect unless at least one of the objects has a lot of mass.

11. Common Themes

11B. Models
  • 6-8: 11B/M2. Mathematical models can be displayed on a computer and then modified to see what happens.

AAAS Benchmark Alignments (1993 Version)


E. Energy Transformations
  • 4E (9-12) #1.  Whenever the amount of energy in one place or form diminishes, the amount in other places or forms increases by the same amount.
F. Motion
  • 4F (6-8) #3.  An unbalanced force acting on an object changes its speed or direction of motion, or both. If the force acts toward a single center, the object's path may curve into an orbit around the center.
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Sliding Down an Incline Plane Model:

Is Based On Easy Java Simulations Modeling and Authoring Tool

The Easy Java Simulations Modeling and Authoring Tool is needed to explore the computational model used in the Sliding Down an Incline Plane Model.

relation by Wolfgang Christian
Covers the Same Topic As

This interactive tutorial from The Physics Classroom collection offers extensive content support on how to determine the net force acting on an object on an inclined plane. It includes problems in which friction is present. Abundant use of free-body diagrams helps with visualization.

relation by Caroline Hall
Same topic as Sliding Down an Inclined Plane Model

A simpler version of the Inclined Plane model -- frictional force is removed.

relation by Caroline Hall
Supplements Physlet Physics: Chapter 5: Newton's Laws 2 Illustration 5.1

Physlet Illustration 5.1 covers frictional forces, and can be applied to the Sliding Down an Incline Plane Model.

relation by Andreu Glasmann
Is the Basis For EJS Static and Kinetic Friction on Incline Plane Model

changes made:

re-position to the hint texts
made the hint "change the angle of the slope and click play" to appear once only and playing and paused as other hints
re layout the model with my usual slider design and colored background
added stroke line to be dashed to represent components of gravity forces
made the auto-scale of y to allow angle up to 90 degrees.
added a scaleforce to draw the forces to user's choice

relation by wee lookang

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