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Where did the very first living thing on Earth come from? This 10-minute NOVA video (released in 2011) explores a landmark discovery made by chemist John Sutherland, who created the conditions in which building blocks of RNA assemble themselves naturally.

Editor's Note This cost-free video provides insight into the chemistry of life, which makes it appropriate for a physical science course. The presentation is engaging and clear enough for secondary students to understand.

See Related Materials for a link to an interactive version of the famous 1953 Miller-Urey experiment, in which biochemistry students combined methane, water vapor, hydrogen, and ammonia....then introduced an electric charge. The result: amino acids (the building blocks of protein) were created.

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RNA, RNA structure, amino acids, biochemistry, building blocks of life, chemistry of life, evolution, life on Earth, life origin, ribonucleic acid
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AAAS Benchmark Alignments (2008 Version)

5. The Living Environment

5A. Diversity of Life
  • 9-12: 5A/H3. Similar patterns of development and internal anatomy suggest relatedness among organisms.
  • 9-12: 5A/H4. Most complex molecules of living organisms are built up from smaller molecules. The various kinds of small molecules are much the same in all life forms, but the specific sequences of components that make up the very complex molecules are characteristic of a given species.
5F. Evolution of Life
  • 9-12: 5F/H8. Life on earth is thought to have begun as simple, one-celled organisms about four billion years ago. Once cells with nuclei developed about a billion years ago, increasingly complex multi-cellular organisms evolved.
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NOVA: Revealing the Origins of Life:

Same topic as Miller-Urey Experiment

A simulation of the classic 1953 experiment that changed how scientists studied the origin of life.

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