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Teaching with Moodle and OSP Plugins 

written by Wolfgang Christian and Mario Belloni

This talk describes Moodle courseware created at Davidson College for introductory physics and astronomy courses that, in addition to standard Moodle content, incorporate in-class polling and simulations using open source Moodle plugins.  We will show how we use the In-class Polling for All Learners (IPAL) plugin developed by Bill Junkin to download questions from a databank in the ComPADRE digital library.  We will also show how to use the EJSApp plugin developed by RubĂ©n Heradio and Luis de la Torre Cubillo at the National Distance Education University (UNED) in Madrid to embed Easy Java Simulations (EJS) applications (such as simulations, virtual and remote laboratories) into a Moodle course.  These tools allow teachers to easily incorporate computer-based modeling into their curriculum by providing an open and extensible solution for incorporating interactive engagement pedagogies into their Moodle courses.

Published January 14, 2012
Last Modified April 19, 2013

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