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Toward an Integrated Online Learning Environment 

written by Raluca E. Teodorescu, Andrew Pawl, Saif Rayyan, Analia Barrantes, and David E. Pritchard

We are building in LON-CAPA an integrated learning environment that will enable the development, dissemination and evaluation of PER-based material. This environment features a collection of multi-level research- based homework sets organized by topic and cognitive complexity. These sets are associated with learning modules that contain very short exposition of the content supplemented by integrated open-access videos, worked examples, simulations, and tutorials (some from ANDES). To assess students' performance accurately with respect to a system- wide standard, we plan to implement Item Response Theory. Together with other PER assessments and purposeful solicitation of student feedback, this will allow us to measure and improve the efficacy of various research-based materials, while getting insights into teaching and learning.

Published August 24, 2010
Last Modified November 9, 2010

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