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Scholarship Provider: National Science Foundation
Application Deadline: 05/16/2008
Description: This program provides funding for graduate students in NSF-supported science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines to acquire additional skills that will broadly prepare them for professional and scientific careers in the 21st century. Through interactions with teachers and students in K-12 schools and with other graduate fellows and faculty from STEM disciplines, graduate students can improve communication, teaching, collaboration, and team building skills while enriching STEM learning and instruction in K-12 schools. Through this experience, graduate students can gain a deeper understanding of their own STEM research. In addition, the GK-12 program provides institutions of higher education with an opportunity to make a permanent change in their graduate programs by incorporating GK-12 like activities in the training of their STEM graduate students. Expected outcomes include improved communication, teaching, collaboration, and team building skills for the fellows; professional development opportunities for K-12 teachers; enriched learning for K-12 students; and strengthened and sustained partnerships in STEM between institutions of higher education and local school districts.
School Type Requirement: Research University
Applicant Class Requirement: Entering Graduate Student or Current Graduate Student
Citizenship Requirement: U.S. Citizen or U.S. Permanent Legal Resident
Awards Given: 21-50
Length of Award: More Than One Year
Other Comments: The stipend for a graduate student will be $30,000 for the 12-month tenure. NSF also provides a cost-of-education allowance for tuition, health insurance, and normal fees of $10,500 per year per student (for 12 months). If this allowance is not fully required, then it may be used to support other GK-12 related activities, such as professional development training for fellows and teachers. All fellows will spend a maximum of fifteen hours per week directly involved in GK-12 projects. It is recommended that fellows spend ten of the fifteen hours in a physical location where learning for K-12 students takes place.

Scholarship Opportunity Contact Information

Primary Contact: Mimi McClure
National Science Foundation
Arlington, VA 22230
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