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Physics & Astronomy Scholarships at University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire

Scholarship Provider: Foundation Scholarships
Application Deadline: Deadlines Vary Depending on Scholarship
Description: For students considering or currently attending the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire.  The foundation offers a number of scholarships for Physics and Astronomy students.  Each of these scholarships has their own criteria and application deadlines.  So, if you are interested, please go to the website specified in this post for more details.  The available scholarships are:

John T. Caroll Pre-Engineering scholarship
W. Parker Clark Physics scholarship
Michael F. Fredrick Science scholarship
The Gritzmacher Science Foundation scholarship
The Leoba Hogan Scientific Research scholarship
The Karlgaard Physics scholarship
The William and Marion Lieske Memorial
The Richard McGregor Graduate studies memorial
The Physics and Astronomy Opportunity
The George & Jeri Rossman Phy Sci scholarship

Also, the Ed & Clarissa Bogumill scholarship is currently pending funding.  That scholarship's criteria are  not listed at the college's website and is listed immediately below to give potential students an idea of whether they'd meet the criteria in the event funding becomes available.

Ed & Clarissa Bogumill scholarship details (note funding is pending):

Eligibility Criteria for the Ed & Clarissa Bogumill scholarship:

Funding is currently pending for this scholarship.  Applicant must be a UW-Eau Claire student who will be receiving the scholarship during the junior or senior academic year and have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA. Applicants must be majoring in chemistry, physics, or mathematics. Special consideration will first be given to a student from the Thorp, WI, area and secondly to a student from Clark County, WI. Neither of these are requirements. If more than one student qualifies for the award, the student with highest financial need will be given first consideration.

Application procedure for the Ed & Clarissa Bogumill scholarship:

Application materials are available in the appropriate departmental office (chemistry, physics and mathematics).

Application Deadline for the Ed & Clarissa Bogumill scholarship:

Third Friday in March

Selection Procedure for the Ed & Clarissa Bogumill scholarship:

Scholarship recipient will be selected by a group consisting of a representative from each of the Departmental Scholarship Committees.

Selection Deadline for the Ed & Clarissa Bogumill scholarship: April 30

Notification for the Ed & Clarissa Bogumill scholarship :

The recipient will be informed by letter by the Chair of the Awards committee. The Chair of the Awards Committee shall complete and submit a "Scholarship Award Form" and submit to Financial Aid.

Special Notes for the Ed & Clarissa Bogumill scholarship:

A thank you letter should be addressed to Michael Bogumill, the donor who made this scholarship possible, in care of the UW-Eau Claire Foundation Office, S-214. Michael established this scholarship in memory of his parents.
Scholarship Amount: $300-$1500
Scholarship Website:
School Type Requirement: Four Year College
Applicant Class Requirement: see website; details vary with each scholarship
Minority Status Requirement: No Restrictions or see each scholarship for details
Awards Given: 11-20
Length of Award: Renewable
Minimum GPA: See each scholarship for details.
Other Comments: Note the length of award does vary depending on each individual scholarship.  Please see website for more details.

Scholarship Opportunity Contact Information

Primary Contact:
Office of Financial Aid - Schofield 115
Eau Claiare, WI 54702-4004
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