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Research Experience in the Industrial Applications of Sensing, Modeling and Control

Primary Institution: Tennessee Technological University
City: Cookeville
State: TN
Job Duration: 9 weeks
Class Requirement: Completed Junior Year
Minimum GPA: 3.0
Position Type: Research
Discipline(s): Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Other Engineering
Description: he main aim of the REU research site is to introduce undergraduate students to research opportunities in the industrial applications of sensing, modeling and control.   The research will focus on a multi-billion dollar industry that has been struggling as a result of foreign competition and lack of research innovation, namely the metalcasting industry.   The proposed project is complementary to two major research projects that are currently underway at Tennessee Tech University in association with numerous industrial partners including General Motors, Foseco Morval, Inc, and Metal Casting Technology and in partnership with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL).   These projects present innovative approaches to introducing technologies for monitoring, modeling and control of traditional sand casting and evaporative (lost) foam (LF) casting. The proposed technologies enable better control over the casting processes resulting in reduced scrap rate and variance in the casting quality as well as increase in the productivity of foundries.   Students from the fields of Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical and Industrial technology will find a forum in which to exchange research ideas with their colleagues from within their field as well as those in different disciplines.   It will also help students identify applied high-tech research opportunities, in a seemingly low-tech industry.   Thus, our program is based on a strong integration of research and education into industrial motivated applications.
Stipend: $5760 for 9 weeks
Benefits: Travel Reimbursement
Housing provided at low rates in the TTU dorms if needed
Application Deadline: 03/01/2008
Job Website:

Research/Internship Opportunity Contact Information

Primary Contact: Mohamed Abdelrahman
Box 5077, CMR, 115W. 10th St,
Cookeville, TN 38505
Secondary Contact: Sally Pardue
Box 5077, CMR, 115W. 10th St,
Cookeville, TN 38505
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