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NRAO Summer Student Research Assistantship Program

Primary Institution: National Radio Astronomy Observatory
City: Charlottesville
State: VA
Job Duration: 10-12 weeks
Class Requirement: Completed High School
Position Type: Research
Discipline(s): Astronomy; Astrophysics; Gravitation
Computational science
Electrical Engineering
Description: The National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) has conducted a summer student research program since 1959, with over 1000 participants to date. Each NRAO summer student conducts research under the supervision of an NRAO staff member at one of three NRAO sites (Socorro, New Mexico; Green Bank, West Virginia; Charlottesville, Virginia), on a project in the supervisor's area of expertise. The project may involve any aspect of astronomy, including original research, instrumentation, telescope design, astronomical site evaluation or astronomical software development. Supervisor's choose their own student candidates from all applications received, and the site to which a summer student is assigned depends on the location of the NRAO supervisor who chose them. Students are encouraged to review the web pages of NRAO staff for an idea of the types of research being conducted at the NRAO. On their application, students may request to work with a specific staff member or to work on a specific scientific topic, or to work at a specific site.

The program runs from 10-12 weeks over the summer, from early June to mid-August. At the end of the summer, participants present their research results as a short talk and submit a written report. Often, these projects result in publications in scientific journals. Financial support is available for students to present their summer research at a meeting of the American Astronomical Society, generally at the winter meeting following their appointment.

Besides their research, students take part in other activities, including a number of social events and excursions (Socorro students travel to Apache Point Observatory and Sunspot New Mexico; Green Bank and Charlottesville students swap visits), as well as an extensive summer lecture series which covers aspects of radio astronomy and astronomical research. Students also collaborate on their own observational projects using the VLA, VLBA and/or GBT.
Stipend: For the summer 2013 program stipends will be $647 per week for undergraduates and graduated seniors, and $693 per week for graduate students.
Benefits: Travel Reimbursement
Application Deadline: 02/01/2013
Job Website:

Research/Internship Opportunity Contact Information

Primary Contact: Jeff Mangum
National Radio Astronomy Observatory
520 Edgemont Road
Charlottesville, VA 22903
Phone: 434-296-0347
Fax: 434-296-0278
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