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NanoJapan: International Research Experience for Undergraduates (NSF-PIRE)

Primary Institution: Rice University
Affiliation: National Science Foundation - Partnerships for International Research & Education
City: Tokyo & Multiple Sites in Japan
State: Non U.S.
Job Duration: Summer: May 11 - August 3, 2012
Class Requirement: Open to freshman and sophomore students (rising sophomore & juniors)
Citizenship Requirement: U.S. Citizen or U.S. Permanent Legal Resident
Position Type: Research
Discipline(s): Atomic/Molecular/Optical Physics
Condensed Matter: Structure and Mechanical/Thermal Properties
Condensed Matter: Electronic Structure and Electromagnetic/Optical Properties
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Other Engineering
Interdisciplinary Physics: Biological Physics; Quantum Information; Etc.
Materials Science
Description: Rice University is now accepting applications for the 2012 NanoJapan: International Research Experience for Undergraduates program. Generously supported by an NSF Partnerships for International Research & Education (NSF-PIRE) grant, the program seeks to cultivate interest in nanotechnology among young U.S. undergraduate
students, especially those from underrepresented groups, and encourages such students to pursue graduate study and academic research in the physical sciences. Recognized as a model for international education programs for science and engineering students, NanoJapan will provide U.S. undergraduates with structured research opportunities in Japanese university laboratories with Japanese mentors focused on the study of THz dynamics of nanostructures.

The program includes:

1. Pre-Departure Orientation at Rice University (1 day)

2. Orientation Program in Tokyo (3 weeks): Includes Introductory Japanese Language Classes, Introduction to Japanese Society & Culture Seminar, and an Introduction to Nanoscale Science and THz Dynamics Seminar

3. Nanotechnology Research Internship (8 1/2 weeks): Research internship with leading nanotechnology laboratories in Japan. Potential research host universities include Keio University, the University of Tokyo, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Chiba University, Kyoto University, Osaka University, Osaka Institute of Technology, Shinshu University, Tohoku University and Hokkaido University.

4. Re-Entry Program (3 days): Held at Rice University, this includes the presentation of a research poster at the Rice Quantum Institute's Summer Research Colloquium and seminars on career development and communication skills.

To be eligible to apply for the NanoJapan International Research Experience for Undergraduates (IREU) program you must be:

1. Currently enrolled as a degree-seeking undergraduate student at a US institution of higher education;

2. A U.S. citizen or permanent resident;

3. Currently in your freshman or sophomore year;

4. In good academic standing and not currently under any academic suspension or other disciplinary action at your home university;

5. Able to express a demonstrated interest in the field of nanotechnology as it relates to THz dynamics of nanostructures

All eligible students with a strong interest in the field of physics-related nanotechnology research and desire to study in Japan are encouraged to apply. Women, underrepresented groups, and students from schools with limited research opportunities are particularly encouraged to apply. Community college students who plan to matriculate to a four-year university and major in physics or engineering are also encouraged to apply.

No prior Japanese language experience is required, though applicants should be able to express a demonstrated interest in the study of Japanese language and/or culture.

Benefits: Selected participants will receive international airfare to Japan (departing from Houston), a $4,500 stipend to be used towards living costs while abroad.  Program, lodging, and some meals during the Pre-Departure Orientation, Orientation Program in Tokyo, and Re-Entry Program at Rice are paid directly by NanoJapan. In lieu of a program fee, students will be enroll in and pay for one academic credit of research through the Rice University Summer School.
Stipend: $4,500 plus international airfare and some costs abroad paid by program (see description)
Benefits: Travel Reimbursement
Some lodging, meal, and program costs paid during the Pre-Departure, Orientation in Tokyo, and Re-entry program
Application Deadline: 01/27/2012
2 letters of recommendation also due by Feb. 1, 2012
Job Website:
Additional Information: Interested students are strongly encouraged to review the following pages of our website prior to submitting an application to ensure that the type of research projects available through NanoJapan align well with your academic background and research interests.

- Potential Research Hosts in Japan:

- NanoJapan: IREU Student Research Posters:

Research/Internship Opportunity Contact Information

Primary Contact: Sarah Phillips
6100 Main St., ECE - MS 366
Houston, TX 77005
Phone: (713) 348-6362
Fax: (713) 348-5686
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