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NASA Academy

Primary Institution: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Affiliation: NASA Ames, Glenn and Marshall
City: Greenbelt
State: MD
Job Duration: 10 week Summer Internship, June 2 - August 10, 2007
Class Requirement: through 1st year graduate
Minimum GPA: 3.0
Position Type: Research, Education, Outreach & Policy
Discipline(s): Astronomy; Astrophysics; Gravitation
Atomic/Molecular/Optical Physics
Condensed Matter: Structure and Mechanical/Thermal Properties
Condensed Matter: Electronic Structure and Electromagnetic/Optical Properties
Elementary Particles and Fields
Fluid Dynamics and Gases
Nonlinear Dynamics
Plasmas and Beam Physics
Sound and Acoustics
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Other Engineering
Interdisciplinary Physics: Biological Physics; Quantum Information; Etc.
Cosmology (Big Bang)
Description: The NASA Academy is an intensive summer program for highly motivated and successful undergraduate and graduate students. During the summer of 2007, four NASA Centers will host an Academy including the Ames Research Center, Glenn Research Center, Goddard Space Flight Center, and Marshall Space Flight Center. Its purpose is to bring together the likely future leaders in space activity so that they learn at an early stage how things are done at NASA, and get to know each other personally and professionally.  Each year, the Academy selects high achieving students from universities all over the country in a variety of academic disciplines.  Students are invited to participate based on meeting the following selection criteria.

1. A demonstrated interest in space
2. Demonstrated research or project experience
3. High academic standing, at least a 3.0/4.0 GPA
4. Demonstrated leadership ability
5. Demonstrated maturity as a student and individual

The 10-week NASA Academy curriculum combines a valuable research experience with a residential, leadership development program.  Academy participants, known as Research Associates or RAs, spend three or four days per week working full time with a NASA scientist or engineer (called their Principal Investigator or PI) on an individual research project.  Projects range from designing orbital trajectories to building robotic tools for astronauts to working with carbon nanotubes to improving X-Ray detection techniques for space telescopes.  These cutting edge topics teach the RAs about the latest in NASA research and development.  A poster session is organized at mid-term where the RAs demonstrate the progress of their research, and the Academy session concludes with final Oral Presentations and a graduation ceremony.  The RAs work three or four days per week because of the numerous other activities that are part of the Academy curriculum.
Stipend: $4000 plus expenses
Benefits: Housing
Meal Plan
Travel Reimbursement
Application Deadline: 01/16/2007
Job Website:
Additional Information: The individual projects would be enough to give the RAs a full time load.  The curriculum is complemented, however, by many other activities designed to teach the RAs about the intricacies of the Space Program.  There is a group project as well as field trips to several NASA Centers, academic institutions, and commercial aerospace companies.   For Goddard, there are visits to such institutions as the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, Orbital Sciences Corporation and the University of Maryland Space Systems Lab.  The program also includes interaction with space experts and leaders, and a broad lecture curriculum covering topics related to NASA's Vision for Space Exploration, research, space technology, space commercialization, safety, space policies and international issues.  Finally, there are several opportunities for educational outreach in which the RAs mentor younger students.  While experiencing all of this, the RAs are also required to take care of several responsibilities such as writing thank you notes for speakers, designing a team logo, inviting several speakers and preparing introductions for them, and building a model rocket to launch in front of the Center Director.  The busy schedule teaches the RAs professionalism, time management and resourcefulness.

Research/Internship Opportunity Contact Information

Primary Contact: Dave Rosage
8800 Greenbelt Road
Mailcode 602.0
Greenbelt, MD 20771
Phone: 301-286-0904
Fax: 301-286-1610
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