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Outreach Group: Astronomical Society of the Pacific
City: San Francisco
State: CA
Travel Distance: National Program
Description: Founded in 1889, the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP) is an international scientific and educational organization dedicated to improving the public understanding of science through engagement in astronomy.  Its name is merely a reminder of its origins on the Pacific coast of the U.S.; today it has members and activities in over 40 countries.  Its members include scientists, educators at all levels, active amateur astronomers, and astronomy enthusiasts.  The ASP publishes a technical journal, a series of conference proceedings, a popular-level magazine, a newsletter for teachers, and a wide range of educational materials and activities.

The Society has established a number of networks for disseminating astronomy materials, programs, and training, and these are expected to play a key role in IYA.  ASP Networks include:
* The Night Sky Network of hundreds of amateur astronomy clubs engaged in outreach activities
* The Astronomy from the Ground Up Network of museum and planetarium educators
* The Project ASTRO/Family ASTRO Network of scientists partnering with educators (in regional centers around the country)
* The College Astronomy Instructors Network of those who teach introductory astronomy.

The Society's web site at http://www.astrosociety.org is a rich repository of teaching and outreach resources
Program URL: http://www.astrosociety.org
Target Audience(s): Elementary School
Middle School
High School
College or University
General Public
amateur astronomers
Cost: Depends
Availability: Year-Round
Presentation Venue(s): Internet-Based
annual meetings, national workshops
Topical Focus: Physical Science
General Astronomy
space science
Additional Information: The Society holds a national conference in a different city each year and offers a variety of workshops for formal and informal educators around the U.S.

Outreach Contact

Primary Contact: Andrew Fraknoi
Primary Contact Phone: 650-949-7288
Secondary Contact: Greg Schultz
Secondary Contact Phone: 415-337-1100
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