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Outreach Group: Angelo State SPS Peer Pressure Team
Sponsoring Institution: Angelo State University
City: San Angelo
State: TX
Travel Distance: In-State Only
Description: The Angelo State Peer Pressure Team is made up of Angelo State Society of Physics Students.  Throughout each year we do outreach events and shows in San Angelo and the immediate surrounding area. Every May we embark a state-wide, week-long outreach expedition, teaching elementary, middle, and junior-high students about the awesome world of Physics! (We also conduct a more hands-on show for High School audiences on a specific request basis.)

The outreach group at Angelo State University focuses mainly on inspiring scientific interest in elementary students, but we are also involved in the scientific outreach of our community as a whole. By demonstrating physics concepts through aesthetically engaging experiments and a simple explanation of those experiments and the concepts they represent, we hope to spark the students' interest in science. In doing so, our ultimate goal is that students will be interested in and enjoy science in general, but we also hope that the students will pursue their education in science related fields. Throughout the year, we visit local elementary schools and put on shows filled with exciting demonstrations. Also throughout the school year, we provide either workshops or shows for other elementary, middle, and high schools around our area. We (along with other local companies) also sponsor a program called "Expand Your Horizons", which promotes the female workforce in the sciences. Also, once every year, our university has a weekend that students and students' family come and find out what ASU has to offer. During this weekend, we provide a show (more scientifically based than the elementary shows, of course) for the students and their families to help recruit for our physics department. Our number one goal is to show people of all ages that science is enjoyable and fun, and that you don't have to be Albert Einstein to be a scientist.
Program URL: http://tesla.angelo.edu/sps/
Target Audience(s): Elementary School
Middle School
High School
College or University
General Public
Cost: Depends
Availability: Year-Round
Presentation Venue(s): Hands-On
Small Group
Topical Focus: Physical Science
General Physics
Classical Mechanics
Electricity and Magnetism
Light and Optics

Outreach Contact

Primary Contact: Toni Sauncy
Primary Contact Phone: (325) 942-2560 Ext. 292
Secondary Contact: Travis Barnett, Blake McCracken
Secondary Contact Phone: 940-389-8260, 325-658-5221
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