Research Experience Archive

Katherine Zaunnbrecher ` - Oct 8, 2014

Location: University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Current position: 6th year grad student at Colorado State University

Please describe the research experience or internship you participated in.
SPS internship with comPadre and SOCK

What were your thoughts prior to participating?
I was excited! I was familiar with the National SPS office so knew most of the people I would be working with.

What were your thoughts after participation?
I had some regrets--everything moves a lot slower than you would hope and I felt that I should have been much more productive while there.

How have these experiences influenced your subsequent career path?
It helped to solidify my belief that outreach is very important. I don't think it changed my path at all but made me more passionate about teaching, outreach, and PER.

What skills or knowledge were most important for you?
Curiosity was the most helpful in building the SOCK. My orginizational skills really helped with comPADRE.

What advice would you give to someone considering a research experience or internship? What's the best way to prepare?
"Go for it!"--even if it is not something that you are completely sure about or related to a topic that you would like to study in grad school. It is such a great experience where you learn many new things and meet lots of great people.

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