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On September 29, 2006, Dave posted Zone Information

Contact Information

DJ Wagner
(, Zone Councilor and Ashley Cetnar
(, Associate Zone Councilor.

Zone Contacts

  • Ashley Cetnar
  • Dr. DJ Wagner
A GCC student teaches elementary children about waves at their annual Physics Day outreach event.  Send us your pictures to be featured here!

Zone 7 of the Society of Physics Students includes 72 chapters in Michigan, Ohio, Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia.  Even though the chapters are spread out geographically, the chapters are quite active.   Register your chapter of SPS at the nucleus and create a chapter website so that you can show the rest of the zone what your chapter is doing!  A quick way to get started is to link to your chapter report.  (Didn't turn one in last year?  Get started on this year's!)

We're on Facebook!
Network with fellow zone members on Facebook!  Our group is "SPS Zone 7."  A link is found below.

Chapter Websites
If your chapter would like to create a website,
simply sign up as a registered user at the nucleus and then complete the feedback  form and request a chapter page. You can either link the nucleus site to your campus webpage or use the nucleus chapter site as your main chapter site!  We have the largest number of chapters of any Zone.  Let's try to get all 72 chapters registered on the Nucleus!

Zone Meeting
The next Zone 7 meeting will be a joint meeting of Zones 2, 3 and 7.  It will be on February 19th and 20th at Grove City College in western PA.  The event will begin late Friday afternoon and continue through most of Saturday.  We have lots of activities being planned and will provide more details as they get set.  Watch this space, or email

Chapter Profile
Thanks to the fine folk at Ohio University for letting us know what they're up to!  They'll be hosting the second annual Ohio University Undergraduate Research Conference in Physics and planning to vist JLab.  Keep up the good work, OU!

Tip of the week/month/finite-time-period
Do you find that filling out the Chapter Report for SPS National is tough to fit in at the end of the school year?  Post it somewhere on the network or the club webpage, and update it after each event.  You can designate an "officer-in-charge" for each event, or just have one officer responsible for the report.  After an event is over, the responsible officer edits the Word file, adding details of the event and photos.  Then, when the school year end, you just have to submit it!

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