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United Aeronautics and Spaceflight Organization

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Contact Information

Board Director Kayamone A. Sutton ksutton@vuaso.org

Board Director John Morales jmorales@vuaso.org

Chapter Members

  • Dave Donnelly
  • Kayamone Sutton

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Founded in July 2006, the United Aeronautics and Space flight Organization (UASO) is a third generation virtual space agency aimed at simulating, with the highest realism possible, manned and unmanned Space flight operations. To carry out these operations, we use a very realistic Space flight simulator called Orbiter, created by Martin Schweitzer.

What is the goal of the UASO? The UASO strives to provide the ultimate experience for those who wish to learn more about astronomy and space exploration, by simulating the every day operations of a space agency while online. All missions are conducted in real-time, and are broadcast live during various critical parts of each mission. Each mission is planned and coordinated as if it were the real thing and employs the use of real-world astrophysics and orbital mechanics theories and practices for added realism. The UASO also strives to get more and more people interested in math and science by teaching them the basics necessary for understanding manned and unmanned Space flight from orbital mechanics to advanced astrophysics, we teach it all, and allow our members to control what field of interest they would like to work in while enjoying a "career" with the organization.

The UASO is family oriented and continues to push the envelope of realism far beyond what any other space agencies have tried, failed, and continue to try to do. Join the UASO family, and be a part of the real thing. "Lead The Way!"


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