University of Tennessee SPS Chapter

University of Tennessee SPS Chapter

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On March 8, 2006, Lyle posted National Chapter Information

Contact Information

Presidents: Oleg Ovchinnikov, George Duffy
Vice President: Lisa Agle, jeff Tithof
Secretary: Geoff Laughon
Treasurer: Fred Byrd
Social Activities Chair: Larissa Weaver
WebMaster: Oleg Ovhinnikov

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Jim Parks

Chapter Members

  • oleg ovchinnikov

University of Tennessee SPS Chapter Image

The University of Tennessee SPS chapter is currently enjoying a period of tremendous success and growth. This phenomenon can be attributed to three key factors: strong leadership, innovative programs, and departmental support.

The UT SPS has enthusiastic, dedicated leadership from students who are unfazed by-and in fact welcome-new and challenging ideas. They aggressively recruit new members and are directly responsible for making UT's one of the largest chapters in the country. Several students share responsibility for directing the chapter's course and organizing its many and varied programs.

UT's SPS has worked hard to build a repertoire of projects that are fun and challenging; enlightening and service-oriented. The most ambitious is the Tennessee Cosmic Ray Observatory Project. Known as TECOP, this outreach venture involves high school students and teachers working side-by-side with UT students and faculty to establish a network of cosmic ray detectors in area high schools. On the lighter side, SPS has used physics demonstrations to dazzle and entertain UT alumni during homecoming and has raised money by selling homemade ice cream frozen with liquid nitrogen.

The physics faculty is proud of the contributions these students make to the overall life of the department. We have actively encouraged their development by including students on departmental committees, involving undergraduates in special events, and providing an undergraduate lounge where they can study and socialize. They are fantastic representatives of the University of Tennessee and wonderful ambassadors for the field of physics.

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