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On October 26, 2006, Dave posted Club Information

Contact Information

President: Amber Ferguson

Vice-President: Jen Lozier

Secretary: Keiko Miyahara

Treasurer: Brian Oyer

Advisor: Dr. Peter Lucke

Chapter Members

  • Amber Ferguson
  • Brian Oyer
  • Jennifer Lozier
  • keiko miyahara
  • Rob Holub
  • Zachary Barker

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We are the Society of Physics Students at Mount Union College. We are a small, yet active, group of students working hard to raise physics awareness around the community.


* We have meetings atleast twice a month to discuss our budget and all of our upcoming activities.

* We hold public observing nights every other friday. We open up our 12" meade telescope to the community for them to observe astronomical obejects and learn about them.

* We hosted an event for Mount Union College's lil' siblings weekend. We had a variety of astronomy related activities for the kiddies and we made them liquid nitrogen icecream! This event was educational but also very fun.

* We hosted a Society of Physics Students Physics Awareness Day. We invited the whole community as well as students from local schools. There was a variety of physics demonstrations in a few concentrations that demonstrated the fundamentals of physics. The fields included: electricity & magentism, atomic physics, optics, and general physics. The purpose of this event was to raise awareness to the community and impressionable students about what it is that physicists do.

* Friday, April 13th we are hosting a lecture on Saturn given by the NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador Dave Gill. It is titled: "Saturn - The Art & Science of Cassini". Directly following the lecture will be our last public observing night.

* Monday, April 16th our organization will participate in SpringFest 2007 at MUC. We will set up in the middle of campus center and raise awareness of our organization and program. This will be done by putting on a few physics demonstrations.

* Coming soon: Our very own Society of Physics website!
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