University of Louisville SPS Chapter

University of Louisville SPS Chapter

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Contact Information

President: John Lorenz
Vice President: Tim Allen
Secretary: Brett Batchelor
Treasurer: Blakesley Burkhart

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. David Brown

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We are proud that the University of Louisville chapter of SPS was chosen for the inaugural profile in the Nucleus. We have a large group of active students who have put a lot of time and effort into making SPS successful. We have a larger-than-average contingent of officers, which serves several purposes. First, it spreads the 'hard labor' part of running a successful SPS chapter to a greater number of responsible people. Second, it improves the chances that a member who gets involved will be elected to an office - a compelling incentive for many. It also gives more students the "pride of ownership" of the chapter.

We hold weekly meetings throughout the academic year. Some weeks, we hear research talks, some weeks we hear career talks. Some weeks we have demos, some weeks we discuss articles in Physics Today. We have gone on some fantastic trips, held regional meetings, and hosted parties.

Our outreach effort has become extensive, including visits to schools, and judging/presenting prizes at science fairs.

Our many activities require a lot of work from our students. But the students find it worthwhile because it helps them grow, helps them learn, and, most of all, it's FUN!

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