Francis Marion University SPS Chapter: Outreach

Francis Marion University SPS Chapter

The primary outreach effort of the FMU chapter of SPS was the South Carolina Physics Scholars Institute (SCPSI). Twelve SPS students worked in conjunction with this program. SCPSI was a 3-day residential institute for 30 South Carolina high school students. Over the course of the program, the high school students were involved in experiments in physics. Eleven of the SPS students served as the key leaders of SCPSI. Each of these students served as the "professor" and taught a physics experiment to small groups of students (2 or 3 at a time) over the course of five separate laboratory sessions. The twelfth SPS member served as a general assistant. The 11 SPS students and the experiments that they taught are listed below:
  • Blane McCracken  - Computational Physics
  • Stephen Dial - Diode Laser Retraction
  • Glenn Hill - Electron Mass
  • Ryan Dubose - Half-Life of Nuclear Decay
  • Erin Carter - The Speed of Light
  • Taka Sakamoto - Open-Cavity Helium-Neon Laser
  • Debra Gibson - Holography
  • Matt Brown - Integrated Circuits
  • Chris Coggins - Nuclear Radiation Shielding
  • Nick Williams - Remote Motion Detection
  • Paul Moore - X-Ray Flourescence
  • Amber Ellis - General Assistant
The SCPSI has been successful in recruiting a number of students to the FMU physics program.
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