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Contact Information

501 Crescent Street, New Haven, CT 06515-1355 (U, pub)
Dept. of Physics
SPS Chapter # 6586
Tel: (203) 392-6450 SPS
Fax: (203) 392-6466

SPS Advisor
Dr. Matthew Enjalran

SPS President 06-07
Charles Tirrell

SPS Vice Pres. 06-07
John Londa

SPS Secretary 06-07
Patrick Carter

SPS Treasurer06-07
Robert Macfarlane

Dept. Chair - Dr. James Dolan

Chapter Members

  • Charles Tirrell

Southern Connecticut State University SPS Chapter Image

The Southern Connecticut State University Physics Club is a student led organization dedicated to promoting a questioning atmosphere for the understanding of the physical universe, an environment of experimentation and a setting for social interaction among those interested in the physical sciences.  The Physics Club is a chapter of the Society of Physics Students (SPS), the national undergraduate physics organization whose parent organization is the American Institute of Physics (AIP).  During the fall and spring semesters, our meetings are held every two weeks.  Please check the calendar posted in the physics department or on our web site for the next meeting.  We also have announcements posted around campus with information about our meetings and events.

The SCSU Physics Club is dedicated to creating an informal context for the exchange of any questions, answers, and/or theories that may lead to a better scientific understanding of the physical universe. The group also seeks evidence to support its conclusions through formal experimentation in the SCSU laboratories.  Many of our members publish their original research in national journals and display their findings at several conferences held by professional and academic organizations.

During the past years the SCSU Physics Club has held dozens of enjoyable events.  We have held several movie nights where movies are shown focusing on physics, the universe, mathematics and comedy, including What the Bleep Do We Know, Hitchhiker's Guide to the galaxy, A Beautiful Mind and many more.  Our fundraising is supported by bake sales that are held on campus and have raised $1300 in 2006 already.  For the past two years, the Physics Club has organized the Physics Department Open House, where local high school and SCSU students toured our cutting edge research facilities, observed dramatic physics demonstrations and enjoyed fun activities focusing on physics.  Last year, six members of the Physics Club volunteered over 150 hours to help mentor local middle and high school with their science fair projects.  In the spring of 2006, the club hosted the 2006 SPS New England Regional conference, where students from fifteen different universities came together and watched internationally renowned physicists Michio Kaku and S. James Gates give talks on their current research.  Numerous events are planned for the coming year including Movie Nights, Invited Speakers, A Physics Department Open House, Games Competitions, Out-of-state Trips, Study Groups, Lunches, Club Meetings and Community Out-reach projects.  Please come to one of meetings and get involved in these great events.

Have you never taken a Physics course?  No problem.  Your current level of study is utterly unimportant.  Tutoring is often available if needed.  Absolutely any topic is fair game for discussion.  Remember, physics is all-encompassing!  For more information please visit our website at

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