Davidson College SPS Chapter: 2012-2013 Activities


May 4: MOSAIC 10:00am-1:00pm, JV Washam Elementary. We will again lead two classroom groups demonstrating properties of light and sound to over 150 3rd-5th graders.

May 2: Sigma Pi Sigma Inductions, student seminar, and Annual Physics Picnic.

May 1: Voted in SPS Elections. Jessie Barrick ran for Associate Zone Councillor and Mari belloni ran for Zone Councillor.

April 12: Stargazing at Fisher Farms. We will set up 4-5 telescopes and host alongside the Charlotte Area Astronomy Club. We will view the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Orion nebula, and many more celestial objects.

March 22: Ammendmants to Bylaws take affect including a restructuring of our local Chapter and changes to the election schedule.

March 12-13: Viewing of Comet PanSTARRS from the roof of the Davidson College Library.

January 31: Siemens Video Conference. We held a video conference with four professional from Siemens Corporation about the applicability of physics and engineering skills in the job market and their experiences in these fields.

November 8-10: 2012 Quadrennial Physics Congress, Orlando, FL. Four students (Jessie Barrick, Ashley Finger, Jacob Simmonds, and Chris Trennepohl) and one faculty member (Mario Belloni) attended PhysCon 2012.  Presented a poster and also were SPS Chapter Reporters for the talk by Dr. John Johnson, "Hot on the Trail of Warm Planets." 

October 31: Haunted Physics Dorms as part of the Davidson College Halloween Extravaganza.  Set up boo bubbles, Jacob’s ladder, Wimshurst machine, Van de Graaff and other "spooky" apparatus.

October 5: Stargazing at Fisher Farms. Set up 4-5 telescopes and hosted alongside the Charlotte 
Area Astronomy Club. We had over 150 people attend. We viewed the Andromeda galaxy, the Dumbbell nebula, the Great Hercules cluster, the Ring nebula and many more.

October 5: Davidson alumnus Austin Reid, spoke about his graduate research on ultra-cold neutrons.

October 4: Second SPS Meeting of the semester. Join us for pizza and to discuss events this semester including going to PhysCon 2012.

August 30: First SPS Meeting of the semester.  Join us for pizza and to discuss events this semester.

August 28: Davidson College Activities Fair from 5:30-7:30 p.m., on Chambers Lawn. This is a super opportunity to connect with new students as well as upper class students about SPS. 

June 14: Submitted 2011-2012 Chapter Report.


June 5: Transit of Venus Event.


May 9: Jessie Barrick elected Associate Zone Councillor for SPS Zone 5.

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