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Graduate schmaduate...

Author: Damian
Posted: March 21, 2004 at 9:43PM

Get this book as soon as you can. I first saw it
as a sophomore in HS and its wondrous mathematics
frightened the bjesus out of me. Each year I would
go back to the physics section at my local Barnes
and Noble and gaze through its pages, and as my
knowledge of mathematics increased so my fear did
melt away. I purchased the text during my
undergrad sophomore year and have been going
through it whenever I have the time for the past
2.5 years. The book introduces tensors and
differential forms very early on, which makes the
calculations and derivations very elegant. The
pictures and diagrams are huge and provide
wonderful insight towards GR problems. Furthermore
the text is filled with historical anectodes and
pictures of famous physicists, which give it a
truly majestic flavor. I assure you that the intro
commentaries to every chapter will leave you
smiling. To put it in the words of the authors,
Geometrodynamics is a beautifull seductress. A
must have for the library of any serious physicist.

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