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Good and small, but necessarily terse

Author: Alex Brown
Posted: June 16, 2006 at 4:27PM

Griffiths gives you all you need to understand introductory quantum mechanics.  This text can easily provide a full year of quantum for undergraduates, but you'll need to buy a couple of notebooks and some pens with it.  The reason the text is relatively thin is because intermediate steps have been left out in equations and reasoning.  As you go through the text, you'll need to use that paper and pen to work out how he got from one equation to the next, or from one statement to the next; the jumps aren't always intuitive, but with some of your own work, you'll get it.  You'll do at least a page or two of your own work for each page of his, but in doing so, you'll get an excellent grasp on the subject.  Pieces of humor are thrown into the mix, and there are plenty of excercises to keep you busy.  If you're only getting one QM book, Griffiths is the one, but if you can, check out a few others from your library for when you get stuck between steps.

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