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How to get money?
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Hey people!

How do you guys usually raise funds for your clubs?  We're
doing a bake sale and selling t-shirts, but we're unsure of
other ways to get the funding we require.

Dude, we should get cool physics stuff for free.  Totally. :)

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Re: How to get money? -
Alysson Avatar
My chair
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Do you have the restaurant Max and Erma's where you live.  They have a fundraising program where you pass out these tickets to everyone you know and pick a day and anyone that presents their ticket on that day, 20% of the bill goes to the organization.

If you don't have Max and Erma's, well then, this post was for naught


Re: Re: How to get money? -
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Hrrm... no we don't have a Max and Erma's, but that's a pretty darn good idea.  I may start bugging random restaurants/pubs out here... :)

Re: How to get money? -
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One type of fundraiser that our SPS chapter likes to do at U.W. Platteville is to collect old Physics I and Physics II exams from our professors in the department.  We then go through the exams and solve the problems thus creating a solutions manual for that exam.  We then sell these booklets at the beginning of the semester to incoming freshman and sophomores.  We usually do quite well, but the trick is getting our members in to work on the problems.  So we usually have a pizza party with this.  Hope that helps!

Re: How to get money? -
Shakeel Dalal
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Our chapter manages to make ridiculous amounts of money for relatively little effort. All you need is a room in a well trafficked building (I'd recommend the physics building, this being SPS). Back in 1986, we started selling coffee and donuts in the physics building student commons, and eventually we got our own lounge out of it. Now, we sell coke products, candy, ice cream etc...and make about $24,000 a year. A good place to start is with coke products, once you acquire a lounge. This is because the Coca-Cola Corporation (or Pepsi I'm sure) will furnish the fridge and maintain it as well, making the barrier to entry fairly low. Then, all you need to do is undercut the vending machines and stores on campus and get the word out. Be wary, though, theres a lot of administrative overhead for this on your part too. You need to have someone availale at all times to run your cash box, manage your lounge, someone needs to be there at all times, a bank account, a safe to store money, a place to store your excess inventory, a well trafficked location (which can be difficult to wrest from beauracrats or office workers).

Depending on the culture and personality of your school, it might also take a lot of convincing your physics department that the benefits to the student body in terms of social life and happiness and the significant increase in income you'll experience are worth it to the department.

And, of course, your milage may vary.

Re: How to get money? -
Christine P
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I'm wondering the same thing, too, right now.  We wanted to sell apples and cider, maybe mugs with our logo on them, but it seems like the administrative hurdles to sell anything are going to stop us.  I don't want the university to find some way we didn't follow procedure and penalize us...but we desperately need money.  Do you have any recommendations for easy fundraisers (say, during a conference) and how to get people to provide start-up money?

I'm getting frustrated because I think I'm going to end up spending my own money on a fundraiser that we might not be allowed to do....sorry for the rant, but any feedback would be appreciated.

Re: Re: How to get money? -
Shakeel Dalal
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The thing to keep in mind is that if nothing else, the department doesn't want you to die. Well, maybe they do. But probably not. Unless maybe you killed a professor, that might do it.

Selling cider and apples is pretty innocuous. A lot of it probably looks like the hurdles are to prevent you from doing things, but the way I had it explained to me is that its for your protection: If you have money, and some disappears the paperwork they have you fill out is so you can show that you didn't steal it.

Ask around, if you push the beauracracy enough they'll either say no and just say you can't do it or they'll relent and let you do what you like. Its really unlikely that the University will actually penalize you. As a student group, you provide a service to the university. That will vary from school to school, but unless your school is looking to drive away students...

Anyway, universities like to threaten you with a spanking but you'll usually get a wrist slap or less. Don't be timid -- universities on the whole understand the value that clubs provide and want to help them do things. If you pester them enough, convince them your request is reasonable, and be annoying they will eventually give in.

In terms of getting start up funds, thats tough. I get the feeling that SPS' startup fund in 1986 was the personal investment of a president. You might have to make a personal investment, but it'd be smarter to convince people of the added value they will get and for the benefit of the club. Ask people for a set amount, but make it clear you'll take anything. Failing that, do it yourself but if you're going to do it yourself, make sure you keep your investment small.

If your school's paperwork requirements for clubs to spend money are minimal to non-existant, my recommendation if you have to spend your own money would be to make an agreement with your officers that the club will reimburse you before taking any profits from the sale.

I don't usually advocate this as a long term policy, but since you're a fledgling club possibly beneath the notice of things, if you're going to invest your money (or your clubs/members collective money), its easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission. What're they going to do? Seize the money?

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