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Intrepid-1 Launch Date Set
Kayamone Sutton
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Press Release
UASO Press Office - VA Branch
Norfolk, VA 23505
Wednesday July 30, 2008

(Norfolk, VA) It was released today by the UASO Board of Directors that Intrpid-1 is "set in stone" to launch on August 30, 2008 at 3 pm EST/8 pm GMT. The Titan-34D launch vehicle has been selected asthe workhorse of the Intrepid program.

Intrepid-1 is the first launch of the Titan-34D launch vehicle and will serve as an operational test of the core statges of the launch vehicle. The Titan-34D is composed of two Titan UA1206 solid rocket boosters, which comprises its "zero stage". These boosters lift the Titan-34D stack for a total of 114 seconds before jettisoning. Stage One of the launch vehicle is composed of the Titan 3B-1 stage, which utilizes two LR-87-11 main engines. Burn time of stage One is 161 seconds. Stage Two of the launch vehicle is comprised of the Titan3B-2 stage, which utilizes one LR-91-11 liquid fueled engine. Total payload capacity of the Titan-34D with no attached upperstage is 14,515 kg to a low earth orbit (LEO- 185 km). The Intrepid-1 mision will not be utilizing an upperstage due to this mission being an OPTEST of the launch vehicles's first three core stages.

Mission controller training for Intrepid-1 is scheduled to begin August 15, 2008. A training schedule will be posted online within the next few days. Stay tuned for updates!

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