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C'mon guys, get with it! - Sep 23, 2004 at 10:32AM
Dave Avatar
San Marcos, Texas
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Nobody seems ot have much to say.  Given that there is so
much going on in the world at large and in the physics
community, I'm a little surprised at this.  Come on!  Let's
have some opinions!


Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value -- Albert Einstein

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Re: C'mon guys, get with it! - Sep 27 2004 4:01AM
Alysson Avatar
My chair
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I went to the Land Between the Lakes out near Murray Ky this weekend.  I took my telescope for a spin and checked out out the craters in the moon.  Good stuff.   That was all the physics in my weekend.


Re: C'mon guys, get with it! - Oct 27 2004 5:50PM
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I'm not sure if the poll thread will do it because I have a comment on the website.  I get lost when I try to view a thread because I can only follow one.  If I want to go back, I have to go to the discussion forums and then enter the appropriate forum again.

Can we have a way to go up a level in the thread or perhaps list all the comments for single thread?

Re: Re: C'mon guys, get with it! - Oct 27 2004 5:52PM
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Nevermind...  A few more minutes did it for me - I can navigate easily now - the secret was the link on top.

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