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Woo - October 29, 2007 at 12:01
Shakeel Dalal
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So, for the past several years our SPS Chapter (Purdue University) has been producing our own departmental shirts. The store that used to sell them in the area dirt cheap got shut down for illegally using the Purdue name on their apparel, so we picked up the slack since we are lisenced to used the Purdue name (fun how that works, huh?) They're your standard gray t-shirts that say "Purdue Physics" on them. But they're not a lot of fun.

Another thing to keep in mind (In addition to what I mention on the Fundraisers thread http://the-nucleus.org/bulletinboard/TDetails.cfm?TID=95) when running your SPS chapter is that as students, you can get away with a lot of stuff and at a lot of places, the administration will just sigh to themselves and say "Oh, those quirky students. Always coming up with the cutest ideas. They're physics majors, they don't know any better."

So our shirts are...special =) For example, my freshman year the t-shirt was on the front a low quality drawing of a meadow like you'd see on a drug commercial with "Physics" written across the sky. I'll try and get a picture of this...

On the back it says, "Side effects may include:
Mild Schizophrenia
Muscular Atrophy
Hairy Palms
Chronic Obesity
Terminal Obesity
The Influenza
Delusions of Grandeur
Man Breasts
Watery Stool
Lowered Standards
High Cholesterol
Neck Beards
Corosion of Moral Values
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Premature Burial
Whooping Cough
Bipolar Disorder
Anal Leakage
Attention Deficit Disorder
Night Sweats
Grey Hair
Brain Aneurisms
Powdery Stool
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Heart Attacks

Ask your advisor if Physics is right for you today!"

Not your typical shirt, is it?

Last years shirt looked like this (we havn't designed this year's yet): http://web.ics.purdue.edu/~sdalal/front.jpg and http://web.ics.purdue.edu/~sdalal/back.jpg

Do you make shirts? What do yours look like?

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Re: Woo - October 29 2007 12:28
Brendan Diamond
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Those are certainly some original t-shirt ideas. CSU Chico has had two very popular shirts recently:

1.  (The Cheat Sheet) Last year we resurrected the classic SPS cheat sheet baseball tee which I believe the SPS national produced for a short time many years ago. This consisted of a title on the front of the shirt that says "The Official Society of Physics Students Crib Note T-Shirt"and has a page of upside down equations which attempted to include all the most useful undergraduate equations from physics, around 150 in total written out using LaTeX. The equations were upside down of course so you could read them while wearing the shirt, but I don't think any of us had the courage to try wearing it into an exam :-)

2.   (The Fake-Frat Shirt) Two years ago was my personal favorite shirt because it was very subtle but hilarious. It was designed to look just like a fraternity t-shirt with the three big Greek letters on it. But instead of some typical Greek house letters the front was Psi*Psi .  On the back it said "Keepin' it Real..." and had the picture of Schroedinger's dead cat from Griffith's intro Quantum text. We also had the living cat on the sleeve for bonus cool factor. Since it's a bit difficult to appreciate this shirt until after you've had Quantum Mechanics it was more popular among the older students but it definitely had a cult following.

I'll see if I can scan some pictures to post. We always just got someone around town to print a batch for us and we'd sell them to the majors and the faculty.

Re: Re: Woo - November 13 2007 10:58
Kendra Redmond Avatar
Kendra Redmond
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My favorite SPS t-shirt that we did at Carthage was a blue shirt with the superman logo on it, except we squeezed "SPS" into the middle. That's a picture of me wearing it oh...5 years ago...

SPS Program Coordinator & Assistant Editor American Institute of Physics

Re: Woo - July 25 2008 1:13
Felix Lin
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Those are some pretty neat shirts.  You guys should consider including purchase links in case any readers want to buy their own!

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