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Speaker ideas needed - Sep 24, 2007 at 11:34AM
Cadie Boyung
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I am currently in charge of the joint meeting that my chapter is planning on hosting this april and I was trying to think of a subject that would be good to get a guest speaker for on Friday evening.  I thought astrophysics because it would coordinate with what is going on sat. morning, or antimatter or string theory.  I really want it to be able to relate to a wide range of physics levels (first year-4+ years) and people and interest a wide range of people... If anyone has any ideas please let me know!

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Re: Speaker ideas needed - Sep 25 2007 11:57AM
Dave Avatar
San Marcos, Texas
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Hi Cadie,

     I would recommend that you aim high and invite a nobel laureate.  I know that we invited Leon Lederman to come speak at our meeting and he agreed.  I guess what I'm saying is that you should pick someone high profile and invite them.  The worst they can do is say no.


Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value -- Albert Einstein

Re: Speaker ideas needed - Oct 02 2007 1:09PM
Christine P
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I'm not sure where you are, but I keep hearing Dr. William Phillips (spelling might be wrong) is great, and I personally would suggest Dr. Andy Cohen (BU), Dr. Phillip Mannheim (UConn), Dr. Plesser (Duke), or Dr. Alan Guth (MIT).  These last 4 are people I've heard speak or talked to personally, and I've really enjoyed (from an undergraduate perspective).  I'd guess you'd get a very passionate debate if you put them in the same room, but they all can speak on the subject(s) you mention. =)  Good luck!

Re: Speaker ideas needed - Oct 06 2007 6:36PM
Shakeel Dalal
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At the risk of self promoting, you should invite my chapter's advisor, Prof. Ian Shipsey (Purdue). He's a particle physicist but is also involved in LSST and is honestly one of the most well spoken physicists I've ever met (our chapter has lunch every week with the department's weekly colloquium speaker). He's also very approachable and, in my opinion, could probably spend half an hour discussing the minute details of running nails on a chalkboard and have you rivited and laughing the whole time.

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