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Here are the rules. - Jun 1, 2007 at 10:01AM
Dave Avatar
San Marcos, Texas
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Pi day and Einstein's birthday both are on March 14th.  We want to know what your chapter or club did this year to publicize this date.  Post your Pi day/Einstein's birthday activities, along with your name and the name of your club or chapter, in the contest thread.  The two best activities (as chosen by The Nucleus staff) will receive pizza parties for their clubs/chapters.  Deadline for submissions is August 15, 2007.


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Re: Pi Day - Jul 11 2007 1:27PM
David Ward
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For several years now we've had a campus-wise Pi Poetry Contest, sponsored by SPS. We usually get about 8-12 entries and pick the best 3 and award gift certificate prizes to a local eatery. We also make "pi cakes." We cook around 200 cupcakes and put one digit of pi on each, then arrange the cupcakes in order and display the cakes in the main campus hallway. We allow passersby to take a cupcake- from the back!
On the table above the cakes are pi posters (pi to many decimal places.) One or two SPS folks usually dress up as Einstein to help handout the pi-cakes, and with each pi-cake we hand passing students a Birthday card- one side has a icture of einstein and some biographical info, and the other side discusses pi. We display the winning pi poetry entries on another table near the pi-cakes. We also have a nice large picture of Einstein we display with our pi-cakes too. So it is indeed a double celebration- Einstein and Pi. This is an annual thing for us- it helps publicize math and physics and its fun coming out the night before and icing 200 cupcakes in the general physics lab!

Any ideas on how we can improve our Pi Day? Have a great day!

d. ward-sps advisor/union university

Re: Here are the rules. - Jul 15 2007 6:12PM
Jared LeBlanc
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on Mar. 14, 2007. The University of Louisiana at Lafayette SPS chapter organized activities and games from 9 am to 1:30 pm on the busiest street on campus. We requested a table on the corner to put all the games and fun facts on, made a huge banner, and even had one of our member dress up like Einstein!
We had such games like:
-answer simple physics questions and pi history questions for candy
-measure and calculate pi for yourself
-try to recite pi to as many digits as you can
-find your birthday in pi (on a 6 page print out of pi to 100000 digits)
-and to top it off Throw a Pie in a Physicists Face!! (for a donation to SPS)
We had about 10 members participate and 2 faculty members! And raised about 70 dollars.

Pictures are available at this link:

Jared LeBlanc
SPS President 2006-2007, UL-Lafayette Chapter

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