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Contest Instructions - Feb 5, 2004 at 8:42AM
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Welcome to all SPS Members in Miami!  Sorry
for the delay.  :(

This is the thread to post an introduction
to yourself - we'll be taking the wittiest,
most clever, most interesting - whatever
(remember, it's arbitrary!) and handing out
some prizes at the session either this
afternoon or tomorrow (TBA) so get your
entry in now!

Dodge this.

Replies to Contest Instructions

Mike Bongard - Jan 26 2004 8:46AM
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I'm a senior at St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN. I'm majoring in physics, math, and computer science. I'm an active SCUBA diver, as well as the president of the St. Olaf Ballroom Dance Club. I've done research for three years now under Jim Cederberg with the Molbeam team (http://www.stolaf.edu/people/molbeam), which has gotten me to the conference!

i love ball room - Feb 23 2004 10:10AM
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i just wanted to let you know that you are not the only physics dancer.  although i two-step more than ballroom, the tango and waltz are two of my most favorite dances ever.  this semester i am learning merengua so that is exciting.

Kara Chapman - Jan 26 2004 8:54AM
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Hello, I'm from East Central University in Ada,OK.  Of course, my major is physics and I'm a member of SPS and Sigma Pi Sigma.  I am also a member of Alpha Gamma Delta, an international women's fraternity.  I like to play paintball when I have free time.  I have a twin sister.  She is also a physics major, so we have fun with that, and we dress alike to fool people.

Levica Chapman - Jan 26 2004 8:54AM
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I'm a junior Physics major at East Central University in Ada, OK. I have a twin who is also a physics major. I really enjoy physics and taking all the same classes with my sister. We did an REU at the University of North Texas this past summer where we ended up working under the same professor. I am a member of SPS, Sigma Pi Sigma, Math Club, Astronomy Club, Alpha Chi, and Alpha Gamma Delta. I plan on going to graduate school, though I don't know where yet. That's enough about my self for now.

Ohio State SPS - Jan 26 2004 9:05AM
Jennifer Iding
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I'm am a double major in physics and astronomy, with a minor in international relations.  I will be graduating in August, after spending the summer in Ireland.  I am a member of SPS and am the treasurer of Sigma Pi Sigma at The Ohio State University.  I am here at the Miami Contest looking for a job...and trying to meet some people.  I met the professor that taught my high school teacher physics in college...it is a small world that us physicists exist in.

Homeyra Sadaghiani - Jan 26 2004 10:11AM
Homeyra Sadaghiani
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I am a graduate student in Physics education at the Ohio state University and working with physic Education research group. My dissertaion is on students' difficulties in learning upper level quantum mechanics courses and their ability in interpretation of math in physics tearm.I will be graduateing by Dec. of this year :)

Peter Muhoro - Jan 26 2004 10:54AM
Peter Muhoro
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Hi, I am a Junior double major, Physics and Mathematics, at Hampton University. I am a member of SPS, APS, National Society of Black Engineers and Beta Kappa Chi National Honor Society. My physics department is pretty small but I like it since almost all students get funding as well as we get a good interaction with faculty and research professors. Being at a Historically Black College and University, its taught me to appreciate what I have and also to reach out to other minority students and encourage them to join science and stick with it. Meeting some of the famous black physicist has also encouraged me to stay in the field, go for a Ph.D and give back to the community by teaching. Ok, thats enough about me, hope you like it.

Aliya Gifford - Jan 26 2004 3:46PM
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Hi.  I am a Senior Physics major with a math and computer programming concentration at Randolph-Macon Woman's College.  There are only three of us graduating this year who are Physics majors, so I really enjoy my small classes and the individual attention that we get from the professors (there are only 2, yes, only 2 Physics professors at my college!)  I am currently applying to attend graduate school, and really like UNC Chapel Hill and Virginia Tech, but don't know where I am going to go yet.  It's a little scarry going from such a small school (total pop. of 720) to a large University, but I'm looking forward to the challenge!  So, that's a little bit about myself . . . hope you enjoyed!

First Knoxville then the World - Jan 26 2004 4:55PM
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So now that I, Olga Ovchinnikov, am president of the SPS chapter in UTK, my plans for the future are very simple.  Finnish off my undergraduate career, which will unfortunaly signify the ending of my reign as president and surpreme ruler of the students in the physics department, attened graduate school and recieve a PhD in Atomic Physics, which will make me one scary individual to the general public. I tell you "Run and Hide, Run and Hide" because I will take over the world.  So if you ask me, Olga, what are your plans for the future, the answer is "Same thing I do every night, Try to take over the WORLD!!!!" HAHAHAHAH

Forget the World...from Knoxville to the Universe! - Jan 26 2004 5:17PM
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There are those who dream small dreams (cough world domination cough), those who dream big dreams, and those who dream of a universe where men are real men, women are real women, and small furry creatures are real small furry creatures.  Such will life be when I spring from the University of Tennessee in 2005, get my PhD in astrophysics from whichever graduate school wins the battle for my attendance, and begin exucuting my scheme for Absolute Supremecy ::steeples fingers, evil chuckle::.  My name is Gail Zasowski, I study physics and Latin (semper ubi sub ubi in caput tuum) at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, and swing and jazz dancing will be mandatory under my stewardship.  As will more creativity contests on the SPS post list.

David Byrd - Jan 27 2004 9:45AM
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Hello, I'm a senior physics and math major at Northwestern State University.  Well, a 2nd or 3rd year senior; I've lost count.  I'm the president of our SPS section. I was given the honor of presenting here and some of my fellow students joined me.  I was very surprised to find how excited my fellow students were when they found out that they were coming to watch my speech.  I'm sure that the location and break from school had nothing to do with their choice.  So long.

Hi - Jan 27 2004 1:42PM
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Hello I am a Junior student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.  I am presently majoring in Physics and Mathematics.  I am looking for ideas for projects and demonstrations to do for the SPS.

Contest Wrap-up - Jan 30 2004 11:11AM
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Thanks again to all of you who submitted introductions in Miami. It was a meeting filled with good student research and lots of excitement about physics. Gary White will be in touch soon to let you know the status of your entry.

Dodge this.

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