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Greetings from Pete - Oct 19, 2013 at 9:03PM
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I thought I'd introduce myself - My name's Pete. In other forums I use the username Pmb. I'm a physicist (BA Physics and Mathematics). I'm currently disabled from chronic pain (spine damage/disease) but since I'm on pain medication that's working well I've started to study to take the GRE so that I can go back to graduate school. I'm thinking about going to Boston University. My area of expertise is relativity, both special and general. At the moment I'm assisting Edwin Taylor by being one of the proof readers for the second version of [b]Exploring Black Holes[/b]. I proof read the first one too. That's why you'll see my name in the acknowledgement section labeled [b]front matter[/b].

I wrote an article on the subject of mass in relativity which I'm considering submitting to a physics journal for publication. It's at for those who are interested in the subject.

Another article of mine is at and is on Einstein's gravitational field. The subject matter is the fact that Einstein defined gravity different than the term is used today. That's why so many people incorrectly think that "gravity is a curvature in spacetime" when in reality "tidal gradients are a curvature in spacetime" which are very different perspectives. The writing is horrible. I wasn't very good at scientific writing back then. I might rewrite it and perhaps even submit it for publication as well

Physicist (currently disabled)

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