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I rather think it does...
Virginia Tech, Bla...
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I was bored, so I clicked on the Editor's Choice link in the corner and read that. Maybe it should have its own discussions board? (I really wasn't sure where to stick it).

Anyway, I wrote a long rant about it, but it's too long to fit here, so here's the link in case you want to read:

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Re: I rather think it does... -
Steve Buckley
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Does it matter....?
I'd think that there are a number of factors to consider.
1- are you learning what is being taught, or are you just killing time.?
2- Are you getting involved in the activities of note to those already in the profession of your interest?
3- At my university-- University of Nevada- Reno (it's not really considered a top 10, or even 100 physics program), we had a gal do her PhD, and wound up being offered a position at either Sandia, or Los Alamos.
The point here is our education really is what we make of it.  
Admittedly a bit of talent, and some seriously hard work does actually pay off.

Re: I rather think it does... -
Society of Physics...
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I wanted to read your rant but got an error message...Let's see it!

Adjunct Professor of Physics, Editor of The Physics Teacher, and GWU SPS Chapter Advisor

Re: Re: I rather think it does... -
Carlajane Cuenca
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Many wonder why their life has led them down the dark and musty road of misery. They wonder why they're suck at that dead end 9-5 running short on cash in the middle of the week. Well, they're going to keep wondering. And until they acknowledge that education is the key to success, they'll never get their life together. For those who think it's all about money, you have a misconception of the term itself. This is about becoming what's important to you. And while it might be the goal of one person to become a doctor, it isn't everyone's goal. For that reason, if not everyone becomes a doctor, it does not mean those who do not, do not achieve success. You have to measure your own achievements in relation to your own goals, not those of others.


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