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Stephen Hawking Speaks out on Space Exploration, Time Travel - Sep 19, 2010 at 5:12PM
Melanie Markman
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Stephen Hawking was recently interviewed by PARADE Magazine to discuss his newest book "The Grand Design."  The now mostly paralyzed Stephen Hawking, used technology to answer PARADE's questions.  By twitching one muscle in his right cheek an infrared beam to a computer translated the movements into words.  Stephen Hawking suffers from Lou Gehrig's disease; however, he doesn't let it stop him.  In 2007 he was able to go weightless in the Zero G aircraft and certainly one can admire the example Hawking sets.

In the interview, Hawking spoke out about human space exploration.  Hawking notes that time travel should be possible; however, engineers still need to figure out how to warp space-time.  Hawking feels time travel is plausible due to Einstein's theory of relativity.  

With regard to space travel, Hawking states that while robots may be good at gathering data they should not be relied upon entirely to replace human beings in space.  He talked about the inspiration of watching humanity take to space, as well as, the romance and passion that drives the science behind it.

In the PARADE interview Stephen Hawking discussed the main message of his new book.  As Stephen talked about humanity and our place in the universe, he stated while everyone may not get the details behind the physics it is possible for everyone to see the big picture and humanity's role in the universe.  Hawking argued that God is not necessary to explain the universe and that the law of gravity is enough.  He states that because of gravity the universe can and will create itself from nothing  Hawking also discusses Einstein's work and more modern theories like M-theory.  Hawking expands on his thoughts about the universe and his previous work "A Brief History of Time."

The book proves to be an interesting read.  Scientists since Einstein's day have been attempting to explain the design of the universe and Hawking attempted to do so in the "Brief History of Time'.  Hawking now feels that observations made by NASA's satellites along with the development of M-theory have brought scientists closer to a single theory of the universe and this is what brought him to write the Grand Design along with Leonard Mlodinow.

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