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Describe your summer in acrostic form - August 26, 2010 at 4:09
Dave Avatar
San Marcos, Texas
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We want to hear how you spent your summer.  Did you do an REU or other internship?  Did you take summer classes, work at the mall?  We would like to know, but we want to add a creative element to it, so we would like your description to be in the form of an acrostic.  If you want to find out about acrostics, you can look here.  An example of something that might be submitted is

Refreshing break from a pipeline job, an
Exploration of highly excited atoms includes
Scanning pungent physics texts,
Extravagant with curvy greek letters.
Alluring, they beckon like sirens.
Resistance is futile! I'm
Captivated by their elegance,
Hopeful to invent a new configuration.

Post your responses in this forum.  The winner (as chosen by the Nucleus staff), will receive a prize from the SPS store.


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Re: Describe your summer in acrostic form - September 08 2010 10:25
Amber Bakkum
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Aside from research, I was (and still am) a barista at the local coffee shop.

Standard hub for any
Town that
Admits college students.
Roasted dark or mild,
Brewed how the customer desires.
Unsurpassed quality of
Coffee and service, along with a bean


Re: Describe your summer in acrostic form - September 16 2010 4:17
Laura Downes
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Well, I did research in Boston. Here is a summary:

My Summer with Physics was
A whirlwind, a gun shot into the black. I
Kept my project close, like
Every mother bird nurtures its helpless young.

In spite of the challenges, the Project soon flew.
Though it had a life, I was its strength.

When it seems as if the work is done
Only then have you reached the half-way point.
Reading the answer, it appears seamless, but
Kick it, and gaping unknowns will inevitably surface.

Coding at work... - September 18 2010 3:48
Rita P
3 Posts

Didn't this code compile yesterday?
Error free and a breeze
But now I get this message on my screen
Unhandled exception and publish fail
Give me a break! I didn't change a thing
Go back to my code and - oh....
I should probably comment out this line I added as a test
Google, your help is not needed here today.

Solar Poetry - October 22 2010 5:21
Lauren Woolsey
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How can I describe in a few short words
An experience tailored to crazy Sun nerds?
REU up in Cambridge, Mass
Vastly more fun than taking a class
A ten-week experience that was quite filled
Really cool people, with whom I chilled
Darn, broken rhyme - must switch to haiku!
Solar wind streaming
Modeled by San Diegans;
Is it true to life?
This we can compare
Have data from SOHO! The
Solar corona.
Only problem is,
Not a two-fluid model.
Is temp p's or e's?
And the summer is over but questions do remain
Now I have an abstract, with much still to gain!

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