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The annual Thanksgiving campout - Nov 29, 2004 at 12:00PM
Dave Avatar
San Marcos, Texas
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I thought I would start a thread where folks can post their
Thanksgiving experiences, good, bad, or indifferent.  To get
things rolling here's mine.

Since neither my wife nor I have any family in Texas, we
have started a tradition of going camping for Thanksgiving.  
This year we were scheduled to camp on the Guadalupe river
in central Texas (about a 1 hour drive from home).  We were
a little concerned because we have been getting a lot of rain
lately, but the rain ended Tuesday night, and a call to the
park on Wednesday confirmed that they were open.

Wednesday morning, we woke up and loaded the car with all
of the camping gear and other stuff we needed (smoker for
the turkey, my son's bike, etc.).  We left around noon, and
stopped for lunche at McD's on the way out of town.  We got
to the campsite around 2:00, and proceeded to set up camp.  
Finished that around 4:00, and started dinner (spaghetti).  
Dessert was peach cobbler cooked in our new dutch oven.  
Wednesday night was a little chilly (38 F), but the sleeping
bags were warm.  The only disturbance was the racoons that
raided all of the food we neglected to put away.

Thursday morning dawned cold and clear.  Got up, started the
coffee and the fire, and then cooked breakfast (bacon and
eggs) after a sufficient amount of coffee had been
consumed.  After breakfast it was time to run to the store to
buy the things that were inevitably forgotten.  While I did
that, Michele and the kids went on a hike.  When I got back
from the store, it was time to get the turkey in the smoker, so
I did that, and my son and I went on another hike.  The rest
of the afternoon was spent playing cards and tending the
smoker.  Around 2:00 we started the rest of dinner (mashed
potatoes and corn on the cob).  Finished dinner around 4:00,
and had pumpkin pie around 5:00.  The rest of the evening
was spent playing cards and roasting marshmallows around
the fire.  It was warmer tonight, and I ran the raccoons off
before we went to bed (they were quite bold).  We also
cleaned the camp up a little better, so we had a quiet night.

Friday was cloudy and warmer.  Had a late breakfast cooked
in the dutch oven, then spent the day hiking and playing
cards.  Turkey sandwiches for lunch, and chicken cooked on
the fire in foil packets for dinner.  Chocolate cake in the dutch
oven for dessert.

Saturday we woke up, packed up and left.  All in all it was an
excellent trip.  Weather was perfect, and the river was
beautiful.  So what did y'all do?


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Re: The annual Thanksgiving campout - Nov 30 2004 6:12PM
DannyBoy Avatar
Athens, Georgia
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Traveled down into south Georgia to see the family. If I wasnt watching Star Trek or eating, I was learning the C++ programming language.

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