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Outreach - Oct 23, 2004 at 3:22PM
Christy Avatar
Tuscaloosa, AL
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Outreach needs to be an important thing for us AZCs to do.
The executive committee are of the opinion that they can't
affort to split up their funds over all ages of physicists. Let's
all encourage every chapter in our zone to adopt a two year
college and a high school. Advertise 2005 and being in
physics. High school members can be at-large SPS members.
They might enjoy talks at your college or advice about
undergrad schools. The two year colleges are especially
important. The two year colleges feed into the four year
institutions. Let's get more students into physics!

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Re: Outreach - Mar 18 2005 12:47AM
Christy Avatar
Tuscaloosa, AL
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It would also be really really great if some of you westerner AZCs could get involved in the light around the world thing. It has been decided that it will not hinder astronomy, so we just need some more people in the mid-west US to get it all ready to go!! We can't be the ones who let it fail, right?

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