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LHC Fully Documented Online - Aug 28, 2008 at 3:38PM
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Hello Physics Phans!

One of my friends passed on a cool link which will get you tons of amazing technical information on the LHC and it's 6 detectors.  Tons of physics information and technical specs so if you have a few million in cash you can build your own.  Enjoy the 'Lite' reading!

Original Link:

IOP Electronic Journals:

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A cool look at the applications of Physics - Nov 02 2008 2:48PM
Melanie Markman
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I was hunting around on the internet looking at some different articles to pass time, to fall asleep.  I came across a story about robotic jellyfish that move autonomously through the water, and one was made to move in the air. The article doesn't say much about these robots. But looking at the video of them you can start to imagine the physics and mechanics of how the robotic jellyfish work. You can see how the tentacles are connected to a central body, that makes a pumping motion. The jellyfish can communicate with one another using short-range radio and LEDs.

The article is really just inspiring because it shows the capabilities of math and science, and reminds me why I want to be an engineer.

The link to the Article:

The link to the video:

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