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Calling all costumes! - Oct 22, 2004 at 2:27PM
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Think your Halloween costume is going to be the best ever? Put your picture where your mouth is, and enter the Nucleus Costume Contest!

It's easy.  Have a friend take a picture of you in your
costume.  Email it (with your name and chapter, please) to
tlurie@aapt.org.  The usual suspects will award prizes to
the most creative, best physics related, and most likely to
cause a small child to run away screaming!  Even better,
*all* the pictures we receive will be posted in a special Nucleus Halloween section!!

All entries must be received by 5pm on Friday, November 5th.

Oh, and please keep the pictures tasteful.  We reserve the
right to ::cough:: 'edit' photos as necessary.

Dodge this.

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