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can't get enough of them - Aug 22, 2008 at 11:31AM
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I know it's one of those ridiculous internet phenoms that will soon fade into obscurity (maybe), but I love lol cats / I can has cheezburger.  There are some pretty great physics ones...let me know if you find more!

physics. kittehs defies it.

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Re: can't get enough of them - Aug 28 2008 5:38PM
Felix Lin
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That last one is a favorite of mine.  I really do wish they'd blurred out the cat, though, or made it transparent by merging the photo with another of just the box.

Re: can't get enough of them - Sep 17 2009 4:01AM
Kate Feders
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Cute pictures. I like cats but I'm not allowed to have one as a pet because my mom's allergic. Now that I'm married, I still can't get one because my husband doesn't like cats. So I just content myself with looking at cat pictures and or watching the neighbors cat.

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