Things in physics that really irritate you

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Dennis Tielman
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I am now in 4th of Civil engineering. I took my physics 2 which electronics thrice in 2 years. I failed in the subject big time. specially when the topic is about electricity the amperes and the joules thing. I mean, its not that important in my field but my professor makes a big deal out of it.


Electricity is actually made up of extremely tiny particles called electrons, that you cannot see with the naked eye unless you have been drinking. — Dave Barry
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A first year grad students pet peevs
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So, as much as we all love physics, what really irritates you about the field?  

I'm just starting graduate school, doing research over the summer,  and one thing I notice is how cut throat academia is.  I hate how pressured young graduate students feel to publish.  The sentiment I'm already feeling is "publish or perish."  It seems more important to get a lot of publications then a few really ground breaking ones. This is a major cause of stress.  Physics has always been so much fun to study; I'm just hoping the stress to fun ratio doesn't get out of control.

Other things peev me off as well....but most of these are more about the social dynamics of scientific academia.  People generally have big egos...and if their ego gets trampled, you better believe they are going to give you a hard time!  I've already heard horror stories about how a few men, disappointed that they didn't get an NSF fellowship, will vent on the women who did, by saying the only reason they got the fellowship was because of their gender.  As a female in physics, this is an issue that comes up often and it's sad that it does.

I'm curious....what really irritates you about physics?  Do social issues in  physics ever seem as hopeless as the physics GRE?   Do these problems ever seem so overwhelming that they make you question why you are here in the first place?

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