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Here's what I have in my car right now. - Oct 20, 2004 at 11:28AM
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San Marcos, Texas
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I thought I would see what folks are listening to music-wise.  
I don't listen to music at home, and at work, I just have the
mp3 player on my computer shuffle through the 2500 or so
songs on my hard drive.  The only place I really pick music to
listen to is in my car.  I usually pick a few CD's to cycle
through until I get tired of them.  Lately I've been on a punk
kick, so I have Americana by the Offspring,  Sparkle and
Fade by Everclear, Dookie by Green Day, and Ramones
Mania (greatest hits).  For some variety I recently added the
complete Slash recordings of the Blasters, and Peter Gabriel's
recent compilation.  So, what's in your CD player?


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