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Week of July 7th - Jul 11, 2008 at 5:06PM
Paul Abbazia
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This past week has been busy. I've put together cluster maps of the neutron data, along with the combined GRS + neutron data. I've started analyzing the neutron data for relationships with gamma ray data and we are going to experiment with other clustering software soon.
On Thursday, a Russian PI came to Goddard. We had to put together slide shows to summarize our progress. The day ended up as an all day meeting.
The first half of Friday was spent learning about the LRO clean room process. We got to go inside the clean room and get pictures with LRO.

Last Friday was the 4th of July. We watch the fireworks from in front of the Lincoln monument. It was quite an impressive fireworks show, especially through the diffraction glasses I was wearing. By the end of the show, the sky was completely blacked out by smoke. Somewhat ironic to celebrate the past by releasing tons of carbon dioxide and toxic chemicals into the air.

On Saturday Dan and I went to a bbq (or cook out if you prefer) at our boss's (Tim) home. We had a good time, and found out that Tim plays guitar hero. Badly. Also, we had smores and trampled some small children to get our fair share.

Also, my friend and fellow physics major from back home, Bob, came down to visit this week. He spent the days exploring the city, and we hung out after work each day. It was nice to see someone from home.

And I'm getting this journal in just before closing time, so please don't make Mary yell at me for being late.

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Re: Week of July 7th - Jul 13 2008 1:41AM
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If there wasn't actual barbeque, it was a cookout. Good for you for recognizing that. :-)

Re: Re: Week of July 7th - Jul 14 2008 10:31AM
Mary Avatar
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why would i yell at you for being late. i don't care if you're late. that would be tracy or liz. i just care that you actual post it.

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