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Week of July 7, 2008 - Jul 12, 2008 at 1:43PM
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Fourth of July weekend in Washington, D.C. The chance to be in our nation s capital when its time to celebrate her birthday. Need I say any more? Indeed what an opportunity and I have to admit that I am very happy to get this chance twice in a row. How cool is that. Well alright, getting off of work early on the Thursday before the Fourth is pretty cool too!

Once most of us interns got back to the dorms, a few of us decided to hit the rails in search of food. Barbara, Mary, Dan, and I ended up over by Pentagon City where we found a nice Mexican restaurant to eat at. After that I kind of had a bit of a sweet tooth and Barbara suggested this place called Mary Moo s Ice Cream. Wow did they have an awesome selection as they would take any flavor they had and mix any kind of candy you could think of in it before your eyes on a grill which kept the ice cream cold while they mixed it. Once we had chosen out our ice cream we decided to kick back and listen to a band which was playing live music at the square. Indeed what a nice relaxing way to end a work day and begin a holiday!

On Friday, July 4, we watched the Independence Day Parade which was next to the National Mall. I am always amazed by the colorful display the various ethnic groups of the D.C. area put on for their floats and the dancers that come out to perform. It s just awesome. But I have to give them a lot of credit for being able to do it the whole parade route for they had to be roasting by the end.

Afterwards it was off to the ethnic fest. I watched this Bhutanese ceremonial dance at one of the tents and enjoyed the artistic display. I wish they had passed out programs so I could figure out what story the performers were trying to portray. I perused some of the exhibits including the temple and then I hit some Texas food and finally ended the day by picking up some Texas wine. I was told by the guy it was some of the best wine I could buy. Well I had to test that theory. Then I headed back to the dorms to dry off since it had rained a couple of times on me. I was aiming to meet up again with some of the other interns for the fireworks but bad weather, large crowds, and dying phone prevented this so I ended up catching the fireworks on my own next to the Washington monument. It was a beautiful continuous show though!

On Saturday I decided that I would take a look at the Newsium which I had been reading a lot about in the newspapers. That museum reminded me of how much history has happened since I was born. It is amazing how good of a record of these events media is capable of keeping and the history of the media itself. They had on display the top part of one of the broadcasting antennas from the World Trade Center in NYC. They also had a section of the Berlin Wall on display. I also watched several mini clips on different time periods of media and its influence in culture. Another interesting aspect to it was an exhibit called The, FBI, G-Man, and the press which told about the media s involvement in relations with the FBI. Such stories as the David Koresch and the Branch Dividean Cult stand-off to the Unabomber were all talked about. Interesting stuff.

Of course, all good weekends must come to an end and it was back to work on Monday. Although I have to say I was quite excited since I had a lot of projects to work on. Becky was to be out the week since she had a conference workshop out of town so the Friday before we had discussed my relative plan of action. I told her that I had three write ups to work on which include: the water crystals experiment, the galvanometer experiment, and the why the sky is blue experiment. Plus I was to mess around with a demo that I had found on a linear motor as another possible extension activity. On top of that I wanted to begin work on compiling my report for my participation at the ASEE K 12 workshop I attended last month. Ah so much writing to do. It s going to be a hard week on the eyes.

I almost forgot! One more highlight for the week. I got to shake hands with my state senator, Herb Kohl at his office at the Hart Building! Then we all got to go on a tour of the Capitol and sit in on a Senate talk on some bill dealing with information security. That s the week!

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Re: Week of July 7, 2008 - Jul 13 2008 1:44AM
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Ummm... Maggie Moo's ice cream is kind of amazing. My favorite is the Better Batter ice cream. What kind did you have?

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