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Week Eight - Jul 25, 2008 at 11:03AM
Meagan Saldua
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I had Saturday to myself since my roommate was gone for the day and our sightseeing trio was now a duo.  After lunch, Kunal was brave enough to go to Pentagon City Mall with me to do some shopping!

On Sunday, Paul, Jenna, Kunal, Daniel, and I left for Chesapeake Beach.  We ate at a crab house that was definitely overpriced for their food and service, but it was fun watching the mess Jenna and Paul made ripping off crab legs and searching for any signs of crab meat.  The beach reminded me of Galveston beach, so I was not really interested in swimming.  Instead I soaked up some sun and watched the others jump the waves and play in the surf.

This week has been devoted to adding more AAPT resources, programs, and events to the COPUS page.  I'm not too crazy about the layout, but I realized that I can stick HTML code into the form so I'm modifying the submissions I've already made to add more links and hopefully make the layout a bit more eye catching and organized.  I'm not sure how much more I can get done before my presentation, but it is definitely a work in progress and I have quite a bit to show off so far.

Another project that I'm juggling right now is Science Chicago:  Life's a Lab.  The Museum of Science and Industry is hosting a year of science for the Chicago region and I'm submitting detailed descriptions about AAPT's resources and events for their partner page to be debuted this September.  I hope to give more insight to these projects in my final presentation, which is Wednesday, July 30th at the American Center for Physics!  Be there!

We have a NASA tour this afternoon that I am looking forward to!  This weekend has lots of fun in store, too.  Logan, Kunal, and I are heading to NYC this Saturday on a bus at 3:30am, and we have a picnic at the White House, (Gary White that is) on Sunday!

I finally realized that we now have a lucky 13 days left of our summer here as SPS interns, but I am anticipating my new life as a graduate student at Texas A&M University more and more each day.  Having been able to spend a second summer working here let me realize that I've made great contacts with very important people and I wouldn't trade it for my parent's couch any day!  I look forward to keeping ties with the amazing AIP network here at ACP and promoting the SPS National Office in any way I can!

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Re: Week Eight - Jul 25 2008 12:09PM
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Yummy yummy seafood mess!

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