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Week Five - Jul 7, 2008 at 2:15PM
Meagan Saldua
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Half of us had an early start on Saturday as we headed for Union Station to catch our train to Baltimore!  The other half of the intern group drove with Paul.  We all met at the National Aquarium in Baltimore in the Inner Harbor.  Underwater life has always been a favorite of mine, so I knew the day would be fun as I anticipated the Dolphin Show and the 4D Immersion Theater!  I thought the dolphins' tricks were really impressive, but I probably could have done without some of the 4D show like the part where I was spit on, had a stick shoved into my back, and rats crawling around my legs.  We took a lunch break before heading back into the aquarium to see the shark exhibit.  As we were exiting, it was feeding time for the rays and a giant 350 lb rescued sea turtle, too.

A day in Baltimore would not be complete without a Chessie boat ride in the Inner Harbor.  I got a pretty good deal since Logan and Kunal were willing to paddle me around for 30 minutes as I soaked up some sun.  It might have been a little more relaxing if Daniel and Justin weren't crashing into us every time we were near, but I don't think it bothered Paul much!  He had what looked like a very relaxing ride woman-powered by Jenna and Mary.  After the boat ride, we cooled off in a nearby shopping center.  I had a lot of fun in this hat shop and I thought Daniel made an excellent purchase!

We still had a little bit of energy left in us before dinner and decided on checking out the Bodyworld's 2 Exhibit at the Maryland Science Center.  I saw this exhibit for the first time last summer in DC, but I thought this one was much better.  The focus of the tour was the human brain, and once again, I definitely recommend it!  The day is now almost over, and it is time for dinner at a fancy place called Oceanaire.  I ate here in January with Dr. Sauncy during the AAPT Winter Meeting, and I remembered it being a very friendly place with the best MD crabcakes you can find.  I called ahead to make reservations just in case, and I'm not sure if there was a misunderstanding on the "status" of our party, but we definitely had the best seat in the place!  I think everyone enjoyed themselves and their meal!

Logan, Kunal, Mary, Justin, and I decided to wander around the Smithsonian Folklife Festival on Sunday.  I was really excited when I found out that Texas was one of the themes, so I am happy to say that I had some brisket, sausage, and sweet tea!  The music was awesome and I couldn't resist buying some CDs from the artists that were in town like The Gillette Brothers.  Kunal bought me a very nice hand-painted bracelet, too!

This week at work I'm writing a CNSF recap about the SPS Interns that were exhibiting on Capitol Hill.  I have also been doing some more web updates for AAPT.  I am really looking forward to meeting with Kendra next week to talk about some of the projects she is working on and to figure out how I can contribute.

One evening highlight this week was dinner at Dr. Mary Satterfield's house in Rockville, MD.  Pretty cool coincidence that our ASU geology professor Dr. Joe's sister happens to work at NIST!  She invited the ASU Crew over for the evening and her husband Tom made us some delicious sour cream chicken enchiladas, fajita tacos with rice and beans, too!  After dinner we walked to a Gelato place for some delicious Italian ice cream.

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Re: Week Five - Jul 08 2008 3:39PM
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I'd like to add that Meagan did a spectacular job organizing the Baltimore trip!

Re: Re: Week Five - Jul 11 2008 2:36PM
Mary Avatar
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hear, hear!

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