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Sexta semana... - Jul 11, 2008 at 2:38PM
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True to expectations, this week has been another spectacular week in DC!

This week at the ACP, Mary and I worked on finishing the rough drafts of our polarization lessons, working on the Boomwhacker lessons, and figuring out what else we needed to do for the SOCK. I'm a little worried because I have less than a day left at the ACP before our next deadline and my Boomwhacker lesson still needs a lot of work. I can spend a few hours working on it this weekend though. We've finally figured out when and how to do one of our lessons at MRSEC. At MRSEC this week, we've been working a lot to get everything in line for next week's Science, Engineering, and You camp. I'm leading an observation activity the first day and a conductivity lesson the third day along with the Boomwhacker SOCK lesson on the fourth day. I've had a lot of fun taking very zoomed-in photos for the observation activity! We've also been planning the Mission: Impossible Camp and that's going to be even more exciting.

I spent last Saturday afternoon walking the memorials with two friends from Spain, Mary and Priya. Mary had come to visit us for the day and it was amazing to spend time with her. On Sunday, huge group of interns went up in the Washington Monument and viewed DC from up high. When we got home, Kunal and I rushed to the television to catch the thrilling last set of the Wimbledon Gentlemen's Singles Final. I was so excited for Nadal's win that I shed a few tears. Monday, I had dinner with a friend from home and Tuesday I had dinner with the other ACP interns, Jack, Jerry, and Dr. Layman before seeing The Mystery of Irma Vep at the Arena Stage. Wednesday was our breakfast with Senator Herb Kohl from Wisconsin (muchas gracias a Justin for setting it up!) and Capitol Tour. It was really interesting, though I wish we'd gotten to see the votes that happened about 30 minutes after we left the Senate Chamber. Wednesday's dinner was a culinary delight, thanks to Kunal who was paying up on the Wimbledon bet he lost. Paul's friend Bob has been in town all week, so I spent Thursday night with them, playing some new video game that is a cross between Monopoly and Magic: The Gathering. Quite an enjoyable way to spend the evening, actually.

To close, I'd just like to mention that Mary is an absolutely fantastic partner in crime. The genius moment of the week came when she realized we could use tension curtain rods instead of 4 foot long PVC pipes. And she's finished a huge chunk of the SOCK documentation while I've been off working at MRSEC for the second half of the week. Could I ask for a better SOCK partner? I think not.

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Re: Sexta semana... - Jul 11 2008 3:25PM
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Awww... thanks dear. you're an amazing partner in crime too!! :)

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