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Week 5 - Week of June 30 - Jul 8, 2008 at 9:39AM
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This week has been fun because I've actually got out and did a lot of stuff. Monday I finally met Dave. The comPADRE project meeting took up the first couple days this week, (and Jenna was gone) so he was here and we got to talk in person instead of just over the phone or email. He's a great guy! We pinned down the Assistant Editors for The Nucleus. I also got a revised version of the task list and became a admin on the Facebook group. I just need to get some of it done because, as you'll see, the rest of the week got more hectic.

Tuesday was full of writing letters for the Assistant Editors and writing the lesson plan for the elementary polarization lesson for the SOCK. After work Barbara, Justin, and I went to the Cute Is What We Aim For concert at the 9:30 Club. It was AWESEOME! The Ace Enders opened for them and they were really good too. We had a lot of fun.

Wednesday Jenna was back so we started finalizing the lessons. There was a party for Sonja because she is leaving so we went to that in the morning. I didn't know how awesome she is. Taking care of her daughter who has autism and then starting a school for autistic kids. Wow. After the party Liz, Logan, and I talked about going to the AAPT meeting in Edmonton in a couple of weeks. Logan and I had decided to go and there was a ton of stuff that had to be done that day – plane tickets, dorm rooms, and conference registration. Logan and I started that as soon as we got back from lunch. We got our plane tickets before we left and left everything for the next day. After work Barbara and I went out to a Thai place and then saw Get Smart with two of her friends. It was funny and I can't wait to see it with my family because they will die laughing.

Thursday was exciting because it was so close to the weekend. Logan and I finished getting rooms and registration. Jenna and I started on the boomwhacker lesson. She was working on the high school lesson. We wanted the students to determine the speed of sound using the tubes but they have to way to measure the frequency. And it wasn't coming out right. We found a paper that said there needed to be an end correction of 0.6D because the air at the middle of the tube doesn't know that the ends aren't closed and there is some diffusion. This makes the answer come out beautifully! When we got home, Barbara, Justin, Daniel, and I went to Pentagon Row to eat dinner at Baja Fresh. We also got delicious ice cream at Maggie Moos and sat down to listen to the band that was playing Elvis (yes Justin, Elvis).

On Friday I met up with a one of my sorority sisters from school, Lizzi. Everyone went to watch the parade around noon. I got to see BAGPIPES!! I also critiqued all the marching bands as they went by. The best was definitely the all-state band from Mississippi. Then Jenna, Barbara, Justin, Lizzi, and I went to lunch and then to the folklife festival. We ended up separating. Lizzi and I ended up going to a couple of the museums and walked around the mall until the fireworks. Everyone else had gone home and we attempted to meet with Justin but it didn't work so we sat on the sidewalk and watched the fireworks. It then took me and hour to get home. I met some girls from George Mason on the Metro at L'Enfant and we talked until I had to get off. All in all, it was a great day.

Saturday, Barbara and I slept in and went to the Afghanistan art exhibit at the National Gallery. It was really cool. I want to go back and see some of the other exhibits. It's a huge building though so it will take multiple days.

In other news, Barbara and I have become addicted to How I Met Your Mother. If you've never see it, you should. It's great. I think that's about it for now.

Until next week,

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Re: Week 5 - Week of June 30 - Jul 08 2008 2:54PM
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Hmmm... apparently riding in the car and in a paddle boat in Baltimore with me wasn't exciting enough for you to mention it in your journal.

Uh huh. I see how it is. See if I bring you the end of the cookie dough container next time.

Re: Re: Week 5 - Week of June 30 - Jul 08 2008 3:00PM
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I'm so sorry dear! I completely forgot about the weekend. I loved Baltimore! It was a blast. The car ride was fun. The aquarium was really cool, especially the dolphin show. Daniel's hat looks awesome by the way. The paddle boat ride was probably the best. Even though we should have tossed Paul into the water because he was just dead weight. Just kidding Paul. And dinner was superb (I ate fish and I didn't get sick). Well, maybe the ride back was the best part but only because of the music and dancing in the back seat.

I hope that makes up for leaving you Jenna dear. :)

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